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Western Himalayas Holidays - Something to engage you on every level

Take in the sacred landscapes of Kumaon and Garhwal – birthplace of the holy Ganges – with expert, Sherpa guides, staying in simple, comfortable, spectacularly located atmospheric homes set in wildlife-filled valleys, or a luxury lodge set high on a ridge commanding uninterrupted views of the great rearing massif of Nanda Devi, where the only sound you’ll hear is that of monks chanting in the distance whilst on your Western Himalayan holiday.

Walk from village to village, observing the peaceful, rural culture – watching farmers harrow their fields with oxen, whilst the women plant chillies, beautifully attired in colourful saris – and not another tourist in sight.

Across the spine of the Himalayas, in the rain-shadow, lie the high, arid Buddhist lands of Ladakh and Spiti, where giant bearded vultures and golden eagles drift over fluttering prayer flags and gigantic tiered monasteries cover entire gaunt hillsides. Perhaps walk through the snow-filled paths in search of the snow leopard on your Himalayan holidays, or travel through the jungle on elephant-back in search of tiger on tiger safaris with a difference in Corbett. Whatever stimulates you, our Western Himalayas holidays engage you on every level.

Western Himalayas Holiday Highlights

Western Himalayas Holidays - Snow leopard treks in Ladakh

Snow leopard treks in Ladakh

To go looking for the Snow Leopard would appear to be the most forlorn of forlorn quests and yet, it is in the nature of such quests that the rewards lie as much in the journeying and the search as in the stated objective.

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Western Himalayas Holidays - Bird-watching and wildlife viewing

Bird-watching and wildlife viewing

The Himalayas harbour a great diversity of habitats squeezed into narrow altitudinal belts from lush sub-tropical mosaic forests of grasslands and semi-evergreen woodlands to alpine meadows. This is an area where the Explorations Company has particular expertise. Our tailor made tours, accompanied by expert naturalist guides take you deep into tiger country spending nights in remote forest bungalows where you spend the days searching for tigers, leopard, elephant, sloth bears and a rainbow array of birds – almost 500 species in one park.

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Western Himalayas Holidays - World’s top ten spa and yoga retreats

World’s top ten spa and yoga retreats

Spas and yoga retreats are a relatively recent phenomenon in India. In the good old days, if you wanted steam, all you had to do was step out into India’s baking summers and that cellulite would run for cover. It was cheap and effective.

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Western Himalayas Holidays - Beautiful and atmospheric accommodation

Beautiful and atmospheric accommodation

The Western Himalayas are generally recognised as the stretch of mountains from the western border of Nepal all the way to Kashmir. As you top the ridges of the middle hills the panorama of the Great Himalayas dominates the northern horizon from edge to edge. It is an absolutely breathtaking view – especially at sunrise and sunset. Imagine staying in beautiful and atmospheric lodges – some old heritage bungalows all polished wood and atmosphere, some spanking new with wrap around windows so you miss not an inch of the spectacle.

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Western Himalayas Holidays - Magnificent Himalayan walking holidays through Kumaon

Magnificent Himalayan walking holidays through Kumaon

There is truly no more inspiring and rewarding way to experience this subcontinent than on foot. India and its beauty lie in the numerous villages spread across the country however what most visitors to India get is just a glimpse of these villages.

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Western Himalayas Holidays - Watching an Aarti ceremony along the Ganges River in Rishikesh

Watching an Aarti ceremony along the Ganges River in Rishikesh

In the North Indian state of Uttarakhand, the bustling town of Rishikesh sits perched at the foot of the Himalayan foothills and marks the transition point from which it’s lifeblood the Ganges river, goes from raging through the biggest mountains in the world to meandering the plains of India.

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