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Rajasthan Holidays - Vibrant and colourful heartland of once-great empires and kingdoms

This is the vibrant and colourful heartland of the great empires and kingdoms ruled by emperors and the maharajas who – according to Kipling – were created by providence to provide mankind with a spectacle!

Asian Explorations can arrange a host of special experiences for your holiday in Rajasthan – from walking through the old bazaars with an expert guide in the evenings, or a private meal in an historic fort or beautiful setting, situated behind the hills of the famous Amer Fort. Take an art tour with an artist, or visit the Jantar Observatory with an expert on astronomy. Be involved with a group of elders discussing the problems their village faces in the 21st century, and see the palaces and forts which house miniature art and Rajput treasures. Perhaps stay in Ranthambore National Park whilst on your holiday in Rajasthan, one of the country’s most romantic parks, and where you can take one of the best tiger safaris in India.

Visit the Taj Mahal and other gems of Mughal and Rajput architecture on your holidays to Rajasthan. The diversity of a Rajasthan vacation is astounding – not only does the region boast beautiful architecture, from the art deco influences by Le Corbusier to buildings and monuments designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, but desert countryside and nomadic cultures, too. This is the India of rich colours, ornate and opulent palaces and gorgeous royal tented camps. Here are the colourful festivals of Pushkar and Nagaur. There is a miscellany of things to do, from camel-riding on a Thar desert safari, meeting local villagers en route and perhaps watching them making the pottery that they use every day to riding on the magnificent Marwari horses. Or stay in beautiful havellis, dining with the owners (who may be the descendants of nobility) and where you will, in all likelihood, depart more as friends than just visitors.

This is the essence of what we do, arranging for clients to meet and stay with, for instance, a local maharajah, and to get briefly immersed in local affairs of note or politics whilst on holiday in Rajasthan. On a countryside sojourn such as this, as far as possible away from mainstream tourism, one sees the harvesting of the crops such as fenugreek or saffron, and experiences sometimes magnificent wildlife. There is also superb winter birding, including sightings of great Indian bustards and vast flocks of cranes and waterfowl.

What we’ve outlined above is just a glimpse of what one may experience on one of our Rajasthan holidays and there is so much more to it beyond the oft-visited so-called Golden Triangle. Further north there is a whole different feel and setting on holiday in Rajasthan– and plenty to interest the most jaded traveller, including The Golden Temple at Amritsar, the colourful border ceremony with Pakistan and Uttar Pradesh.

Rajasthan Holiday Highlights

Rajasthan Holidays - Magnificent countryside and scenery, majestic forts and the splendour of desert cities

Magnificent countryside and scenery, majestic forts and the splendour of desert cities

Forts, palaces, kings and sand dunes are some of the words that come to mind when you think Rajasthan. In fact it is not easy to describe this colourful state of India in just a few words.

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Rajasthan Holidays - Heritage hotels, Magnificent Forts, Opulent Palaces and Royal Tented Camps

Heritage hotels, Magnificent Forts, Opulent Palaces and Royal Tented Camps

There’s no better way to gain a sense of what life must have been like for the inhabitants of Rajasthan’s forts and palaces than to spend a night or two in one.

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Rajasthan Holidays - Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair

Colour is certainly veracity in the desert jewel of India, Rajasthan, which goes with the accompanied fairs and festivals. The effervescent and exuberant festivals of Rajasthan claim to be an integral part of its culture and heritage.

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Rajasthan Holidays - Some of the finest wildlife reserves

Some of the finest wildlife reserves

Rajasthan is an enormous state known for its diverse tribal cultures, the heritage of the royal families, colourful fabrics, numerous temples, palaces, forts and heritage hotels. The landscape is mainly arid, including the Thar Desert, but it also stretches east to the famous nature reserves at Bharatpur and Ranthambore

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Rajasthan Holidays - Camel trekking in Rajasthan, seeing local villages.

Camel trekking in Rajasthan, seeing local villages.

Camel trekking in Asia is simply the tourist version of an age-old form of travel that allowed people to traverse the endless sands and scrub of the Thar Desert in Western Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan Holidays - Horse Riding safaris in Rajasthan

Horse Riding safaris in Rajasthan

We offer some exceptional horse riding safaris in Rajasthan – ranging from day rides out of charming heritage homes, palaces and wilderness camps to 2 week long safaris that include a fascinating cross-section of Rajasthan ranging from desert villages to shepherd encampments in the hills.

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