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India Holidays

Luxury holidays to India offer such great diversity, from the extravagant, rich palaces one sees on one of our holidays in Rajasthan, or the wildlife-rich regions of Corbett and Madhya Pradesh, to the gentle solitude of the Himalayas, where one can explore this region on foot, perhaps staying in village houses or a luxury lodge en route.

Or a luxury holiday in Kerala may be of interest, the heady tropical region with its small, colonial houses, beaches and backwaters where one can languish dreamily on a houseboat, absorbing the atmosphere of this exquisite area. There is also camel-trekking on a desert safari and horse-riding in India, on our holidays to Rajasthan and Assam holidays, too.

“So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.” Mark Twain

Wherever you travel, it gets under your skin! From the mind-numbing chaos of rush-hour in Delhi, to the aching stillness of a Himalayan dawn; from the haunting echo of a temple bell calling upon God to one of nature’s most sublime creations, the tiger – striped, silent and deadly in the dappled shade of the jungle which you can experience on tiger safaris. The swirling colours of a tribal market clash with the serene, austere beauty of the desert. There is choice in everything and little secret corners and delicious surprises that you’re your holiday come alive with the thrill of an unexpected encounter. A lunch stop with a charming family somewhere or sundowners atop a tiny fortress in the middle of nowhere; this is what we try to do at Asian Explorations, to reveal the old, traditional India – quirky and colourful and still alive in the 21st century, if only you know where to look.

We place you in areas that lift your soul! Whether it is at a monastery during holidays in Bhutan, where you stop and listen to a priest chanting his ritual in spiritual surroundings, walking holidays in India in the Himalayas with your Sherpa guide, cycling holidays in India, or on a luxury holiday in Kerala, having a cookery demonstration, viewing tigers while on tiger safari in Madhya Pradesh with the finest guides, staying with a maharajah whilst on one of our Rajasthan vacations, being taken on a gondola on the lake in Udaipur, holding court with elders in Jodhpur, horse-riding in the Aravalli Hills, taking a boat down the Bhramaputra on one of our Assam holidays, camel-trekking on a desert safari in India, being taken on a houseboat or fly-fishing in Kashmir, or antiques shopping in Tamil Nadu – the options are endless.

Our tailor made luxury holidays to India are based around your individual interests. We also carefully hand-pick every place we select for our clients, based on the quality of the accommodation, the friendliness of the owners and staff, the décor, the views (so important!), the location and, of course, the food!

Much of our knowledge comes from having lived in these regions, having inside information that transforms your holiday from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Some of the excursions are not available to the general tourist and we have developed these ideas over time with a handful of carefully selected guides that are known to us.

As India is such a large continent, please choose one of the regions below for ideas or call one of our specialists to start tailoring your perfect luxury India holiday.

Interested in one of our family holidays to India? Discover more here.

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