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Borneo Holidays - Truly a natural paradise

Imagine waking at dawn in a luxurious lodge deep in a primary rainforest to the wild ‘singing’ of Bornean gibbons from high in the trees across the river. Then walking with your expert private guide along a partially cleared track, trip-wired by a maze of shallow roots in pursuit of a huge adult male orangutan too heavy to cross from tree to tree.

A slow walk in pitch darkness scanning the slender trunks of young saplings for the soft gleam from the huge non-reflective eyes of a western tarsier – the tiny orange-furred primate that inspired ET. And then returning to a sumptuous meal before retiring to your rainforest bungalow and plunging into a huge stone bath on the verandah, listening to the orchestra of the rain forest. Imagine your luxury holiday to Borneo.

Or watching little black-tipped sharks swim in the shallows of a genuinely azure sea and snorkelling over reefs ablaze with multi-coloured fish chased by barracudas. Waking at night to creep towards a huge marine turtle laying eggs. Or cruising along the Kinabatangan River, watching the strangely beautiful proboscis monkeys and huge saltwater crocodiles and suddenly finding a hundred elephants crossing the silt-heavy waters, accompanied by much roaring and trumpeting. A luxury holiday to Borneo truly is set within a natural paradise. No matter what your interests in the natural world might be, our luxury holidays to Borneo have many delightful surprises in store for you!

Borneo – the very name evokes images of great primeval rain forests and giant trees emerging above mist-laden canopies full of hornbills and singing gibbons. This is the home of one of man’s closest cousins – the orangutan and the best place to see them in the wild. It is the Mecca of bio-diversity, where one hundred hectares of primary rainforest can contain a greater wealth of plant life than all of North America and incredible treasures, like the mysterious giant rafflesia flowers and enormous pitcher plants that can drown even small rodents. Here there are still primordial wildernesses like the Maliau Basin, unknown to humans until only recently and still only peripherally explored. Surrounded by Borneo’s incredible natural wealth, Alfred Russell Wallace honed his own ideas on evolution and natural selection. A holiday in Borneo also offers an incredible marine experience. The bright turquoise waters that ring the island teem with life, with a huge swathe of the Sulu Sea protected from fishing and safe for turtles and sharks.

And it isn’t just all about nature, for there is a surprising amount of history and intriguing tales of trade and piracy – and one of the most interesting and colourful food markets anywhere.

Interested in one of our family holidays to Borneo? Discover more here.

Borneo Holiday Highlights

Borneo Holidays - Orangutans


Watching an adult male orangutan at close quarters and babies playing high in the canopy.

Borneo Holidays - Sunrise from Mount Kinabalu

Sunrise from Mount Kinabalu

Borneo Holidays - Finding a giant rafflesia in bloom

Finding a giant rafflesia in bloom

Borneo Holidays - Drifting in a boat close to the remarkably placid Bornean ‘pygmy’ elephants.

Drifting in a boat close to the remarkably placid Bornean ‘pygmy’ elephants.

Borneo Holidays - Snorkelling and scuba diving

Snorkelling and scuba diving

Snorkelling from a tiny atoll in the middle of the Sulu Sea with hardly anyone else around.

Borneo Holidays - A long night walk through the rainforest

A long night walk through the rainforest

A long night walk through the rainforest with a private guide and finding rarely seen nocturnal species, like western tarsiers, Malay civets, slender loris, leopard cats, owls, a host of tree and flying frogs, insects, and an amazing spider that mimics a dead leaf.

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