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Tailored India Holidays

Tailored holidays to Asia and India

There is such a vast variety of regions and countries to visit throughout Asia and India, including India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Borneo, Burma (Myanmar) and the Maldives. Each offers a very different experience and it is up to us to advise you on where is most suitable for you, before tailoring the perfect holiday for you.

If its wildlife you are seeking, then you should strongly consider India and the Madhya Pradesh region, so famous for its tigers, or Ladakh which is home to the snow leopard, perhaps orangutans in Borneo,  or elephant and leopard in Yala in Sri Lanka.

If its architecture and history, consider Rajasthan with its beautiful, opulent palaces and forts  or Calcutta and Delhi with their magnificent architecture. Stay with a maharajah and live as part of their family. If you want a slower paced holiday, consider taking a week long boat cruise in a luxury, small ship along the Brahmaputra or Ganges Rivers, or a cruise along the Irrawaddy River in Burma, where one can see breathtaking gorges and beautiful villages.

Marvel at the beautiful cities of Kathmandu in Nepal and Pagan in Burma - with their temples and pagodas or take a hot air balloon over Pagan at first light.  Take a wonderful walk from the Annapurna mountains in Nepal or for those searching for adrenaline, take a week's heli skiing.

Walking in the Himalayas is awe inspiring and our luxury walks take you into the regions of Sikkim, Kumaon and Ladakh - where you have a private Sherpa guide accompany you and walk to your pace, through rhododendron and pine clad forests, filled with wild orchids. Perhaps a  luxury holiday in Kerala may be of interest, the heady tropical region with its small, colonial houses, beaches and backwaters where one can languish dreamily on a houseboat, absorbing the atmosphere of this exquisite area. Another wonderful way of exploring Kerala and Madhya Pradesh is by bicycle - again privately, staying in beautiful accommodation and having superb guides. Here one can get under the skin of the country and be accepted as a local! We also offer superb horse riding holidays in India. If you are interested in culture, visit the region of Bastar or even Nagaland.

Bhutan offers the most spectacular scenery and has some truly luxurious lodges where one can stay, or one can combine it with the local, Bhutanese styled lodges. The Bhutanese people are incredibly friendly, most speak English and their thirteen arts and crafts, which the economy is largely based upon, is quite remarkable and very much in evidence. This country particularly lends itself to gentle walking. Perhaps involve yourself in a lively debate with the monks, through your guide or walk through the countryside, the sound of chanting carried by the wind.

Borneo offers an excellent combination of wildlife with the orangutans, monkeys and elephants with wonderful coastline where one can scuba dive and snorkel.

Sri Lanka offers colonial tea plantations, tented camps and luxurious, colonial lodges in the cities and along the coastline, where one can see Blue sperm whale at certain times of year.

If you are simply looking for magnificent beaches and relaxation, complete with the finest spa facilities, then it is hard to beat the Maldives.

Wherever you travel, it gets under your skin! From the mind-numbing chaos of rush-hour in Delhi, to the aching stillness of a Himalayan dawn; from the haunting echo of a temple bell calling upon God to one of nature’s most sublime creations, the tiger – striped, silent and deadly in the dappled shade of the jungle. The swirling colours of a tribal market clash with the serene, austere beauty of the desert.

There is choice in everything and little secret corners and delicious surprises that you’re your holiday come alive with the thrill of an unexpected encounter. A lunch stop with a charming family somewhere or sundowners atop a tiny fortress in the middle of nowhere; this is what we try to do at Asian Explorations, to reveal the old, the traditional – quirky and colourful and still alive in the 21st century, if only you know where to look.

Our tailor made holidays to Asia are based around your individual interests. We also carefully hand-pick every place we select for our clients, based on the quality of the accommodation, the friendliness of the owners and staff, the décor, the views (so important!), the location and, of course, the food!

Much of our knowledge comes from having lived in these regions, having inside information that transforms your holiday from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Some of the excursions are not available to the general tourist and we have developed these ideas over time with a handful of carefully selected guides that are known to us.

Interested in one of our family holidays in Asia? Discover more here.

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