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Tailored India Holidays

Inspirational holiday ideas for Asia and India

At Asian Explorations, we like to offer our clients the opportunity of getting under the skin of a country, which is why the guides we choose are so important as they bring the region and its people to life. Choose some of our inspirational ideas to incorporate in your tailored holiday of a lifetime.

We also offer wonderful horse riding holidays, riding through the deserts of Rajasthan or along the Bhramaputra River, or cycling holidays through Madhya Pradesh and Kerala, taking in the magnificent scenery at a more gentle pace, cycling through villages and exchanging views with the villagers.

In addition, several of our clients have particular interests - such as photography, architecture, wildlife, birdwatching, art, food, astronomy and we take you to these regions which will open a new world to you!   We can also arrange fly-fishing with some of the best guides or individually, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, private yacht charter, yoga  and cookery courses.

Here are some ideas for those wanting a holiday that offers something a little different and off the beaten track (but the list is changing all the time):

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