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Responsible Tourism to Asia

Giving back to the local community in many ways

At The Explorations Company, we believe that life is about give and take. Asia gives us so much – we cannot begin to recount the occasions that our clients have said that Asia has literally allowed them to regain their sanity - and touches their soul.

Part of this, we believe, is the profoundly humbling experience of seeing how Asia live in many cases, with so little, yet maintain that wonderful, kind hearted spirit and generous smile. We love supporting our charities and we derive a huge amount of joy in seeing how we truly can make life changing differences – from schools, to clinics, to wildlife projects. However, we cannot do this without you, our wonderful clients as the more safaris we arrange, the more we can donate to these very worthy causes.

The Explorations Company supports the following charities:

In addition, we think that since we do promote these various charities, our clients may be interested in either visiting them, if they are staying close-by, or in staying in one of our community lodges, whereby the proceeds all go back into the community, be they Maasai, Samburu or Turkana, therefore sustaining that community, and offering it integrity and pride, as well as a source of income.

This is particularly popular with our families, whose children are given an insight to the local children of the area, therefore making the holiday far more educational.

Just to let you know, these lodges are far from basic; the local tribes have been assisted by the owners of lodges and camps, so they tend to have the most beautiful architecture, the most stunning views and, of course, have the most wonderful guiding and management. Yes, service may be a bit slow, but this is Asia, and the charm of sharing these people’s homes and communities, as well as the knowledge that you have made a conscious effort to donate to a community, more than make up for any negatives – and gives one a far more genuine experience.

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