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Village trek houses (India)

Village walks are a great concept and an increasing number of sophisticated travellers are seeking something beyond five-star luxury – although even here it is possible!

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Village treks are for people searching for something simpler, which would take them off the well-trodden paths and closer to India’s landscape, her people and their living cultures. These are fully catered, where you would only be expected to carry a daypack. Each day you walk through pretty villages, stretches of pine forest, descending into scenic valleys, exploring several architectural marvels from the 8th – 12th centuries dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses. On arrival at your village house, you will be greeted by a lovely family. The village houses have been renovated to make them cosy and comfortable, yet retain their simple charm and the authenticity of living in a village house.

The friendly families promise a comfortable room and a delicious meal during your stay. The bathrooms are outside (not en suite) with western toilets and the adjoining shower rooms have slate tiles. Showers are taken (in local tradition) using brass buckets and mugs filled with hot water that the staff have boiled for you. A few have installed proper showers. Your itinerary is completely private and flexible, and if you wanted to, you could spend your afternoon sitting outside reading a good book and admiring the scenery or watching the farmer plough his fields. As night falls, the village men prepare a delicious, home-cooked meal over the wood fire and, later, you sit in the moonlight, the stillness broken only by the sound of a dog barking in a distant valley. You walk from village to village – which is gentle and at your own pace. There is a magnificent five-star, boutique lodge with phenomenal views over Nanda Devi – the second highest mountain in India – where you can finish your stay. This is one of the finest lodges in India and we urge everyone to stay here!

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