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Asian Luxury Accommodation

A wide-ranging portfolio of exquisite places to stay

Where would you like to stay on your luxury holiday in Asia? In a remote but sumptuously restored Rajput fort? Or a desert safari camp redolent of the luxurious hunting camps of the Raj? An opulent palace on one of our vacations in Rajasthan? Perhaps a simple beach house or luxury villa in Goa, or a mountain lodge overlooking Nanda Devi in the Himalayas? A luxury safari camp in Madhya Pradesh?

You might even want to travel on a boat down the Bhramaputra River, or take a luxury Indian train through Rajasthan. Travel down the backwaters in a beautiful, hand-stitched rice barge. The choice is vast and varied. Superb luxury boutique hotels vie with tiny little heritage homestays bursting with character, atmosphere and the indefinable warmth and welcome of a personally-managed hotel. Stay in a Bhutanese lodge overlooking paddy fields in Punakha, Bhutan, or in a beautiful, zen styled lodge in the Himalayas, Nepal where one can practise yoga, or in a tented camp on a trek up the Himalayas in Nepal or in a village farm house at the foothills of the Himalayas in India.  Take a boat down the Ayeyerwady River in Burma or sleep in a Robinson Crusoe styled lodge in Sri Lanka or a jungle house in Borneo?  Have a look below to determine the style and comfort you would like to experience and we will tailor the ultimate holiday for you!

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